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7 5th Avenue

Cravenby Estate



Phone:(021) 9325045

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079 135 7756


The Management and Production Team possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and dynamism over a range of productions. With a range of Professional Cameramen to Editors, inclusive of three pivotal Management Members, who will manage and ensure the highest level of production quality and delivery.


After years of singing, Ganie’s passion for music has only grown stronger. Being in the world of entertainment and music for so long, he has been able to gain a wealth of knowledge. Due to his dedication to the entertainment industry, he has successfully put music and content together on various different levels.

Ganie has also successfully produced and directed 120 Islamic episodes for ETV and SABC, presenting the very popular Ramadhan series. Apart from that, he has also organized many Eastern Talent Shows in different provinces.

Ganie has a passion to work with people and develop new talent, especially young artists. He is currently working on live shows nationally, featuring international renowned performers, specializing in Indian and Islamic music. Currently his music is played on various local radio stations and his CD’s are popular, even abroad.

Ganie’s invaluable experience in having been involved in similar Shows on ETV and SABC, as well as his insight into the local entertainment industry - will ensure that his flair, passion, commitment and remarkable talent is reflected in the final product.

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